Visiting NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital:

If you are a HCIR (Health Care Industry Representative) who will be visiting NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, you need to maintain a current membership with our third-party credentialing partner, Symplr. This is a requirement for conducting business with or at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

You are a HCIR if you visit NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for the purpose of doing business with the hospital or on hospital property. Examples of HCIRs include, but are not limited to: salespersons, service technicians, clinical trial monitors, consultants, educators, onsite service providers, contract workers, and language service providers.

For further information or to register, please visit the Symplr website:

If you have questions regarding the HCIR credentialing process at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, please e-mail the HCIR credentialing administration:

NewYork-Presbyterian Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
List of NewYork-Presbyterian Policies for Vendors and HCIRs:

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