Welcome to the DOVE Program at 

New York Presbyterian Hospital's Social Work Department


The Role of the DOVE Advocate

DOVE relies on over 60 volunteers to respond to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse in the emergency room. They help the survivor, family members and important others to cope with the immediate after-effects of the trauma.

In teams of two, they serve as supportive intermediaries with emergency room staff and others involved in response to the traumatic event in the first, most frightening and critical hours in the emergency room. Each DOVE advocate communicates the survivor's needs to DOVE professional staff, who ensure that those identified needs are understood and addressed as soon as possible.

Who are DOVE Advocates?

Our advocates are women and men of all ages, of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. They all share a commitment to helping address the needs of survivors, and help their families cope with their acute trauma.

When are DOVE Advocates Expected to Respond?

The hours of DOVE volunteer advocate service are: Weekend evenings from 6PM to 8AM and 24 hours on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

What is Expected of a DOVE Advocate?

In order to be certified as a DOVE advocate a forty hour training must be completed. This training is schedules over the course of two weekend and one evening session. Training occurs at least once a year. DOVE advocates are expected to volunteer for at least one shift per month. Two DOVE advocates are on call to respond as a team for each shift. We require a one year commitment.

We Need You

To further explore the demands and rewards of joining the DOVE team as a volunteer, and to find out when the next DOVE advocate training is scheduled, please call:

(212) 305-9060



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