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Youth Anxiety Center

About Our Center


Our mission as a Youth Anxiety Center is to focus clinical and research attention on the challenges facing anxious adolescents and young adults during their transition to independence.


The goal of the Youth Anxiety Center is to elucidate how anxiety affects youth and young adults as they transition out of the home into independent living, and when needed, to provide services to youth and their families to facilitate a successful transition to college or work and into adulthood.

What is Youth Anxiety?

Although anxiety in its many forms may be common and transient in children, adolescents, and young adults, and can diminish with age, many youth with anxiety disorders experience much upset, discomfort, and distress that winds up interfering with their friendships, ability to take on everyday tasks, and result in avoiding their daily responsibilities. Often youth with anxiety put themselves down, feel they don't measure up to expectations, worry a lot about failure, and need much reassurance and extra encouragement compared to peers of the same age.

A proportion of these young adults have experienced more severe anxiety problems through their childhood or adolescence to the degree that threatens their education, their ability to hold down a job, and their ability to form flexible social relations. It is this type of anxiety youth that the Youth Anxiety Center has been established to treat, by applying the findings of up-to-date research to clinical care, and to conduct further research to improve the lives of youth with anxiety.

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