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Wall Street Journal: Alzheimer's Prevention for 30-Somethings With No Symptoms
photo credit: Cassandra Giraldo for the Wall Street Journal

Dr. Richard Isaacson was featured in the Wall Street Journal discussing Alzheimer’s prevention strategies in young adults. The story appeared on the cover of the "Personal Journal" section. Wall Street Journal

Black Tie Magazine: The Jay Monahan Center Celebrates 10 Years

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of The Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health. Founded in memory of Jay Monahan, late husband of Yahoo News’ Global Anchor and New York Times’ best-selling author Katie Couric, the center is one of only a few comprehensive cancer and wellness centers dedicated to GI health. Katie Couric joined NYP to mark the milestone. Black Tie Magazine

CBS This Morning: New blood test can help detect depression, study shows

Researchers say they have discovered a way to diagnose depression from a simple blood test. Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman appeared live on "CBS This Morning" to discuss the potential breakthrough. CBS This Morning

The New York Times: Exploring the Connection Between Alcohol and Dementia

Q. Is there a difference between alcoholic dementia and "regular" dementia in the elderly?

A. Dementia refers to the general category of diseases that cause acquired cognitive loss, usually in later life, said Dr. Mark S. Lachs, director of geriatrics for the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System. Such loss has scores of possible causes, he said, but Alzheimer’s disease is the culprit in a vast majority of cases in the developed world. The New York Times

New York Daily News: Boy makes recovery after complications from E. coli

Dr. Bruce Greenwald and Dr. Nitsana Spigland were featured in the New York Daily News discussing their 4-year-old patient’s miraculous recovery from E. coli. New York Daily News What is hyperemesis gravidarum?

The British royal couple are expecting their second child and once again Duchess Kate Middleton is being treated for a rare pregnancy complication that is marked by nausea and vomiting. Dr. Amos Grunebaum was quoted on discussing the condition.

WABC-TV: NYP’s "Heartsmarts" program

The Perelman Heart Institute’s HeartSmarts Program was highlighted on WABC-TV’s Sunday show “Here and Now.” The faith-based education and outreach program aims to reduce the incidence and increase awareness of cardiovascular disease in the New York metro area’s underserved communities. Dr. Naa-Solo Tettey and a HeartSmarts class in Queens were featured in the segment. WABC-TV: Here and Now Quest, NYP & NYG team up for ALS awareness
photo from

Dr. Hiroshi Mitsumoto participated in an ALS roundtable discussion with the NY Giants, the ALS Association, and Quest Diagnostics. The ALS discussion mentioning NYP was also promoted during a Giants pre-season game.

WCBS-TV: New Study Sheds Light On Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat Debate

When it comes to losing weight, there is usually debate about whether low-carb or low-fat is the best way to go. Dr. Joy Gelbman appeared on WCBS-TV discussing a new study that examines the link between low-carb diets and heart health. WCBS-TV

NY1 Noticas: Back to School Nutrition Tips

For parents, getting their child to enjoy fruits and vegetables can be a challenging task. Vanessa Valero, RD, shared some tips and tricks on how kids can eat better now that school is back in session. NY1 Noticias

New York Daily News: Retired Staten Island cop cancer-free after clinical trial at NewYork-Presbyterian
photo from Michael Graae at the New York Daily News

The New York Daily News featured an article on Dr. Yazmin Odia and her patient, who was treated for primary brain lymphoma as part of a clinical trial at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center recently received an $18 million grant from the National Cancer Institute. New York Daily News

NY 1: Sleep Apnea Can Impact a Child's Health and Development

Sleep apnea affects an estimated 18 million Americans and that's not just limited to adults. Kids can develop it too, and both the causes and treatments are very different. Drs. Vikash Modi and Haviva Veler appeared on NY 1 discussing how this sleep disorder can impact a child's health and development. NY 1

WPIX: NJ man gives brother second chance at life with liver transplant

Two brothers who underwent liver transplant surgery at NYP were featured on PIX 11 News discussing the procedure. Last spring, WABC produced a special about NYP’s transplant program, “Organ Donors: Connected for Life.” WPIX-TV | WABC-TV

New York Daily News: Boy with scoliosis is first in New York area to receive magnetic spine lengthening treatment
photo from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital_Charles Manley

Dr. Michael Vitale was featured in the New York Daily News with his scoliosis patient, who is the first in the NY area to receive MAGEC, a new spine lengthening treatment. Approved by the FDA in February, MAGEC is a magnetic tool that non-invasively lengthens metal back rods to reduce curvature of the spine. Dr. Vitale says the technology is “a game-changer.” New York Daily News

NY 1: Vision Problems in Children

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends regular vision screenings by age 3, but many kids need an eye exam before then. Dr. Pamela Gallin appeared on NY 1 discussing tips for identifying and fixing vision problems in children. NY 1

WABC “Medical Marvels:” Changing a Baby’s Life

WABC aired the sixth segment in its online web series “Medical Marvels” highlighting clinical care at NYP. The latest story features Drs. Vikash Modi and Jay Neugarten with a young patient who successfully underwent cleft lip and palate procedures. WABC-TV

The New York Times: White-Noise Nights

Q.For more than 40 years, I have needed to use a white-noise machine to get to sleep. Should I worry?

A.“There isn’t much science behind the white-noise effect in inducing sleep, except for its use to block other intruding sounds,” said Dr. Ana Krieger, the medical director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. The New York Times

WABC “Medical Marvels:” Man Battles VHL Disease

WABC aired the fifth segment in its online web series “Medical Marvels” highlighting clinical care at NYP. The latest story features Dr. Michael Sisti and a patient who has had more than a dozen brain surgeries as a result of Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease. WABC-TV

WNYW-TV: Phobias and Anxieties

Fear of things like crowds, flying or public speaking can severely impact quality of life. But doctors who specialize in helping people overcome phobias and anxieties are making a big difference. Dr. Franklin Schneier appeared on FOX 5 discussing tips on how to overcome fear. WNYW-TV

Al Jazeera America: Battling post-traumatic stress disorder

There is new virtual reality treatment available for troops who come home suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Al Jazeera America featured Dr. JoAnn Difede discussing the treatment. Al Jazeera America

The Huffington Post: Kids Wake Up to Superhero Surprise Outside Their Window
photo from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Window washers disguised as superheroes surprised children outside their windows at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in July. NYP staff also dressed up in superhero costumes and cheered on the surprise guests from the sidewalks, helping to create the ultimate superpower atmosphere for the kids. The Huffington Post

WABC “Medical Marvels:” Double Lung Transplant Patient

WABC aired a segment in its online web series “Medical Marvels” highlighting clinical care at NYP. The latest story features Dr. James Lee and Dr. William Middlesworth discussing a young boy who was saved from developing thyroid cancer. WABC-TV

TIME Magazine and the "Today Show" Interview Dr. Steven Kaplan on Low Testosterone

Dr. Steven Kaplan was interviewed by Time magazine in a video discussing low testosterone therapy. This interview accompanies a Time magazine cover story on the topic, which will be on newsstands in mid-August. Dr. Kaplan was also interviewed live on the Today Show. Today Show | Time Magazine

The New York Times Interviews Dr. Catherine Lord on her Autism Research

Dr. Catherine Lord was featured in The New York Times Magazine discussing recent research into whether recovery is possible from autism. The article was the cover story of the August 3rd New York Times Magazine. The New York Times Magazine

WCBS-TV: Dr. Dara Jamieson Discusses Hypnosis and Migraines

People have turned to hypnosis for help with everything from losing weight to quitting smoking. CBS 2’s Maurice DuBois reports hypnosis may also help relieve pain, including severe headaches and migraines. WCBS-TV

The Wall Street Journal’s "CIO Journal" announces NYP’s collaboration with Blueprint Health to create an "Innovation Space"

The Wall Street Journal’s "CIO Journal" ran an article announcing NewYork-Presbyterian's collaboration with Blueprint Health to create an "innovation space." The new relationship will allow NYP to work with startups to more quickly develop new technologies that improve patient care. The Wall Street Journal

New York Daily News reports New York-Presbyterian ranked No. 1 in the Big Apple and sixth in the nation
photo from U.S. News & World Report

For the 14th consecutive year, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital earned a spot on U.S. News & World Report’s prestigious “Best Hospitals” Honor Roll, published online on July 15, 2014. The hospital ranks No. 6 on the Honor Roll and No. 1 in the New York metro region. New York Daily News

WABC “Medical Marvels:” New Procedure to Lose Weight

WABC aired a segment in its online web series “Medical Marvels” highlighting clinical care at NYP. The series kicked off with a story about a new weight-loss procedure called endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, featuring Dr. Marc Bessler. WABC-TV

The New York Times: Using M.C.s and M.D.s to Promote Healthy Eating for Youths

The New York Times featured a story on Dr. Olajide Williams discussing how one public health program is using hip hop artists to promote healthy eating for youths The New York Times

New York Daily News: High-tech external lung machine saves lives of Staten Island mother, baby

Drs. Darryl Abrams and Russell Miller were featured in the New York Daily News discussing how a high-tech external lung machine saved the life of a woman and her baby. New York Daily News

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