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Weill Cornell Cancer Center


Some 7 to 10 percent of breast cancers occur because of an inherited genetic mutation. For patients with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, genetic counseling and testing are available at Weill Cornell to help individuals with a hereditary susceptibility to breast cancer make informed decisions about how to reduce their risk.

Our experienced team interprets genetic test results with patients and their families and provides guidance about the most appropriate screening methods to help identify cancers at their earliest, most curable stages. Patients may also be offered access to clinical trials assessing new approaches for reducing breast cancer risk. For more information, call (212) 821-0830.

NewYork-Presbyterian's comprehensive cancer prevention guide contains important information about cancer screening, testing, and more.

Learn more about breast cancer prevention.

Women At Risk High-Risk Program at Weill Cornell Medical Center

The Women At Risk High-Risk Program at Weill Cornell Medical Center is a research, education, and treatment program for women who are at high risk for developing breast cancer. The Women At Risk program was founded in 1991 by a grassroots partnership of physicians and patient/volunteers who recognized that high-risk women would benefit most from interventions aimed at the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Women At Risk's main office is located at Columbia University Medical Center, where the High-Risk Program was first implemented.

Participation in the High-Risk Program includes access to the following:

  • Formal risk assessment and risk reduction strategies, genetic counseling and testing when appropriate, and new treatments and diagnostic procedures
  • Opportunities to participate in research projects related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of breast cancer
  • The multidisciplinary Breast Center for all necessary treatment
  • Health Education Resource Center located at 425 East 61st Street, 10th floor and the Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center located at 1305 York Avenue, 2nd floor
  • Women At Risk's High-Risk Support Group for women at high risk for developing breast cancer
  • Women At Risk's educational resources, including a packet containing information specific to high-risk women, and Women At Risk's newsletters
  • Programs and symposia sponsored by Women At Risk

For more information about the High-Risk Program call the Weill Cornell High-Risk Program Coordinator at 212-821-0635

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