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The vascular surgeons of NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital are experienced in the latest techniques for treatment of arterial diseases throughout the body, outside of the heart. By using special catheters combined with fluoroscopic equipment, many minimally invasive procedures can be performed for abdominal aortic aneurysms, as well as for blocked arteries in the legs and those leading to the brain. Leg bypasses, carotid endarterectomy, dialysis access surgery, and varicose vein surgery is also performed. Often such procedures can be performed with a shorter hospital stay or on an ambulatory surgery basis.

Non-Invasive Peripheral Vascular Laboratory

The Non-Invasive Peripheral Vascular Laboratory is under the direction of the Division of Vascular Surgery in the Department of Surgery and is accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. Examinations are performed by registered vascular technologists under the supervision of the medical director.

Examinations offered include:

  • abdominal duplex scanning – ultrasound of the abdomen to look for aneurysms
  • aortic ultrasound
  • carotid duplex scanning – ultrasound of the neck arteries to assess stroke risk
  • arterial Doppler examination – blood pressure measurements and ultrasound of the leg arteries to look for blockages
  • venous duplex scanning – ultrasound of the arms and legs to look for blood clots and to evaluate varicose veins
  • arteriovenous fistula/graft duplex
  • vein mapping for dialysis access and dialysis access scanning

The Vein Center

The Vein Center uses a state-of-the-art laser device to seal varicose veins. This technique has proven to be the best way to eliminate varicose veins, enabling patients to look and feel better fast. The laser vein treatment procedure utilizes the latest technology to achieve proven results without the discomfort and length of recovery experienced after surgery. The entire procedure takes less than one hour and is covered my most insurance plans. During laser vein treatment, a thin fiber is inserted into the main malfunctioning vein. Laser light causes the vein to close and seal shut. After treatment, the appearance of the abnormal vein is often instantly improved with minimal to no scarring. The advantages of our new technology include:

  • treatment performed in the physician's office in less than an hour
  • no anesthesia or hospital stay
  • fast relief of symptoms
  • immediate return to normal activity
  • no scars

Wound Treatment Clinic

A wound that persists for months or years needs special care. You can find that special care at the Hospital's Wound Treatment Clinic, which has a record of success with even the most difficult wounds. Our trained healthcare professionals have vast experience in dealing with wounds due to all causes, in locations throughout the body. Poor circulation, diabetes, immobility, and venous insufficiency often result in wounds that do not respond to ordinary treatment. Problem wounds can also complicate the treatment of other conditions such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. The Hospital has developed proven, successful treatment plans to fit the needs of all patients. Our vascular surgeons, working with general and plastic surgeons, podiatrists, and wound care nurses are skilled in identifying and addressing the underlying causes of chronic wounds in order to develop an effective treatment plan.

All NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital physicians are on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College. Within the familiar setting of their community hospital, patients experience a level of care found in a leading academic medical center.


Lower Manhattan Hospital
Vascular Surgery
156 William Street
New York, NY 10038
Vascular Surgery
(212) 312-5587
Non-Invasive Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory
(212) 312-5575
The Vein Center/
Wound Treatment Clinic
(212) 312-5577

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