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Residency Program

The PGY-1 and PGY-2 Pharmacy Residency Programs are structured learning experiences intended to provide clinical, research and teaching experience in a challenging healthcare setting. Residents will have the opportunity to develop professional relationships with clinicians and patients as well as play an integral role in caring for patients.

About the Programs

PGY-1 Program

The goal of the PGY-1 residency program is to create competent and confident practitioners of pharmacy who will assume responsibility for providing pharmaceutical care while productively functioning as a member of the health care team in multiple care environments. This will be accomplished through rounding with patient care teams, providing education to members of the healthcare team and colleagues, as well as conducting research. Graduates of the PGY-1 residency program should be prepared to pursue a specialty PGY-2 residency, a pharmacy position in a hospital-based environment, or a combination of academia and hospital based practice affiliated with a College of Pharmacy.

PGY-2 Program

The PGY-2 residents will have opportunities to develop and refine multiple skill sets including, but not limited to, practice foundation, direct patient care, drug information, and policy development. This is accomplished through rounding with patient care teams, providing educations to various members of the healthcare team in formal and informal settings, precepting pharmacy students and PGY-1 residents, and conducting research in conjunction with pharmacy preceptors and/or other healthcare providers. Each learning experience and activity contributes to the resident's development into a self-sufficient practitioner. Graduates of the NYP PGY-2 programs should be prepared to pursue employment in the acute care setting as a pharmacotherapy clinical specialist in their respective specialty.

All Programs

For all the programs, learning experiences usually range 3-6 weeks in length. The pharmacy resident is expected to attend and actively participate in daily work and attending rounds, pertinent medical didactic lectures or conferences, research and develop answers to drug information questions received from healthcare professionals, meet with his/her preceptor to discuss patient cases and/or topic discussion, and follow-up on pertinent issues. A Medication Use Evaluation (MUE) and research project will also be completed.

General Timeline

The general program timeline for completion of the 12-month residency programs is the following:

July: Orientation
Hospital, Departmental, Drug Distribution, Drug Information, Residency/RLS, Computer, Laboratory, Pharmacokinetics, Library, BLS, Project and Medical Use Evaluation (MUE) Selection
August - November: Rotations
Required Rotations, ACLS, Submission of Investigational Review Board (IRB) application for Research Project
December: Transitional
ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting, Research Project data collection, MUE data collection
January - June: Rotations
Required and elective Rotations, Eastern States Residency Conference (May), completion of Research Project and manuscript preparation
Longitudinal/Weekly: Activities
Administrative Meetings, Formulary and Therapeutics Committee Meetings, Subcommittee Meetings, MUE, Research Project, Service Commitment, Weekend On-Call

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