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Heino F. Meyer-Bahlburg, PhD

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Physician Detail

Heino F. Meyer-Bahlburg, PhD
Heino F. Meyer-Bahlburg, PhD

Interests include the effect of biological factors (prenatal hormones, genes), medical treatments (prenatal and postnatal glucocorticoids, postnatal sex hormones), gender assignment, and rearing conditions in the development of gender-related behavior, temperament, sexual orientation, and gender identity in various syndromes of intersexuality; the effect of genital ambiguity and genital surgery on later sexual functioning in 46,XX congenital adrenal hyperplasia; and development of assessment methods of gender identity, infant orientation, sexual functioning, and psychological trauma and stigma in intersexuality and related conditions.

Primary Specialty
Education And Training
University of Dusseldorf, Germany
Internship: New York State Psychiatric Institute
Clinical Expertise


Primary Office
Herbert Pardes Building of the New York State Psychiatric Institute
1051 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10032

Phone: (212) 543-5299
Public Transportation: Yes
Disabled Access: Yes
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