Newborn Medicine 

Selective or systemic cooling by 2 to 3 OC has been shown to reduce the extent of evolving brain injury in high-risk term infants. A device known as “Cool-Cap” is designed to provide selective head cooling with mild below normal body temperature cooling in term newborns born with moderate to severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, damage resulting from low oxygen to the entire brain. The Cool-Cap works by circulating water through the fitted cap and maintaining the cap water at an operator-specified temperature. Dr. Jeffrey M. Perlman and a multidisciplinary team developed a practice plan to treat high-risk infants, demonstrating the success of this innovative approach for a substantial number of infants with not only moderate brain injury, but also severe damage. In addition, Dr. Perlman’s research focuses on understanding the course of development of common neurologic disorders, including brain hemorrhage in premature infants, periventricular (side ventricle) white matter injury, hypoxic ischemic brain injury in term infants, neonatal stroke, neonatal seizures and the origins of brain injury in preterm infants.

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