Infectious Diseases 

Our researchers in pediatric infectious diseases and basic virology are bridging clinical pediatrics and basic research in the development of a disease, or pathogenesis. Our infectious diseases research team, led by Dr. Anne Moscona, is focusing on the molecular pathogenesis of human paramyxoviruses – a group of viruses responsible for many respiratory diseases – including parainfluenza virus type 3 and the emerging pathogen Hendra virus. Parainfluenza virus is an important cause of lower respiratory tract infections in children, including croup and bronchiolitis. There are currently no vaccines or antiviral agents for these diseases. Hendra virus is a highly fatal paramyxovirus that is a potential agent of bioterrorism. Dr. Moscona is studying how these viruses enter cells by fusing with the cells’ membranes and walls, and how scientists might interfere with this viral entry process. Both the parainfluenza and Hendra projects are funded by investigator-initiated NIH grants.

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