Prenatal Genetics

The Prenatal Genetics team works seamlessly with obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists and perinatologists to provide services for families who are concerned about their pregnancy or planning a pregnancy. We provide an individualized array of screening/diagnostic options to address the unique needs of each family. Our geneticists and genetic counselors can help patients and their families address a variety of prenatal concerns such as family history, exposures, abnormal screening/ultrasound findings, or test options.

Preconception counseling and testing The aim of this of this type of consultation is to assess and inform couples about their risks for having healthy children as well as children with genetic problems or birth defects prior to conception.

Carrier testing The purpose of carrier screening is to identify individuals who are themselves healthy but are at risk for having children with a variety of genetic disorders. Carrier tests are available for many genetic disorders on a case-by-case basis with appropriate counseling.

Prenatal genetic screening and diagnostic tests Genetic counseling provides information to patients about their options regarding screening and diagnostic testing prior during a pregnancy so that each individual/couple can choose what is appropriate for their family needs.

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