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Emergency Care 

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Child Life Services

A trip to the Pediatric Emergency Department is often unexpected. Our certified Child Life Specialists, who have expertise in child development, offer patients and families a supportive environment and employ distraction tools and techniques to reduce stress and enable a child to cope with a medical emergency. By providing play therapy, distraction, emotional support and coping techniques, we enable our young patients to feel more comfortable and at the same time help them heal more quickly.

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Specialty or Expertise

Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
525 E. 68th Street
New York, NY 10065

Main Emergency Department Number
(212) 746-3300

Emergency Referrals and Transport/Critical Care Transport
(212) 746-1111 or (212) 746-0308

Neonatal Transport
(212) 746-0318

Other In-Patient Referral
(212) 746-1111 or (212) 746-0308

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