Parent Infant Therapy 

Many parents face issues in raising their children that require more time and focus than can be offered in the usual pediatric visit. The goal of parent infant therapy is to offer short-term treatment to the mother-infant pair at the time they are experiencing difficulties in their interactions. These difficulties often manifest themselves through symptoms in the baby such as regulating sleep, food intake or activity level. Parent infant therapy provides assistance in the management of these developmental, behavioral and psychological concerns in infants and toddlers.

Other issues that can affect your infant's behavior include spousal and sibling relationships and postpartum depression. Mothers with infants diagnosed with complex medical disorders and/or atypical development can also benefit from this treatment.

Evelyn Lipper, MD, our specialist in parent infant therapy, has been in practice as a developmental pediatrician for 25 years and has served as Chief of the Division of Child Development at Weill Cornell Medical College.

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