The Sleep Study 

Our approach to diagnosis begins with a comprehensive sleep history and physical examination. The definitive diagnosis is done by polysomnography, also known as an overnight sleep study. The study involves attaching leads at various points on the child's body to monitor sleep quality and structure, the effort of breathing, oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide levels, as well as heart rhythms, muscle tone, and leg movements. Children are encouraged to bring comfort items from home such as a favorite blanket or movie.

Patients are monitored for the quality and quantity of their sleep, as well as breathing patterns and body movements. A sleep technologist provides continuous monitoring during the study. Most sleep studies are done overnight. We also offer a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), which is a test that is done during the day, quantifies sleepiness, and serves as the diagnostic test for narcolepsy.

Our Sleep Facility - Just for Pediatric Patients

Our sleep center offers a warm and friendly environment tailored to the needs of children and adolescents of all ages:

  • Child- and family-friendly decor
  • Continuous monitoring by technicians trained in pediatric care
  • Overnight accommodations for one parent or guardian
  • Rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, TV and DVD players
  • Comfort items from home such as a favorite blanket or movie are encouraged

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