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Sleep disorders and breathing disorders during sleep are among the most common issues parents deal with in childhood. These disorders may result in daytime dysfunction including learning and behavioral disabilities, as well as long term pulmonary, endocrine and heart disease. Obtaining a diagnosis and managing sleep problems early may help children avoid consequences that can affect them in adulthood.

At the Weill Cornell Pediatric Sleep and Breathing Disorders Center, we offer expert diagnosis, treatment and care for sleep disorders for children of all ages. Directed by Dr. Haviva Veler, MD,, our pediatric sleep team is skilled in the evaluation and management of children with behavioral and physiological sleep disorders. Dr. Veler is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology, and Sleep Medicine, and is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We know the importance of your pediatrician in the comprehensive care of your child, and will promptly and thoroughly communicate with him or her – your child's pediatrician is always part of our care team.

At the Weill Cornell Pediatric Sleep and Breathing Disorders Center, we strive to:

  • Provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluation and management with a family centered and patient centered care approach
  • Educate patients, parents, healthcare trainees and practitioners and the general community about sleep and sleep disorders
  • Conduct research to gain a better understanding of normal and abnormal sleep in children.

Treatment of Sleep Disorders

In young children, the most common reason for sleep apnea is enlarged tonsils and adenoids and surgical removal of these structures will resolve the apnea in most cases. In other cases, young patients have other reasons for apnea, such as obesity, narrow facial structure, muscle weakness, or residual apnea after surgical interventions. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Sleep disordered breathing such as sleep apnea, snoring
  • Behavioral problems such as bedtime struggles, night awakenings
  • Sleep walking and sleep terrors
  • Narcolepsy
  • Apnea of Infancy
  • Sleep schedule abnormalities such as Circadian rhythm disorders, delayed sleep phase syndrome
  • Sleeplessness
  • Movement disorders including periodic limb movement disorder and head banging
  • Upper airway abnormalities
  • Breathing problems occurring at night that are secondary to an underlying disease, such as muscle weakness or chronic lung disease

Collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky Center

When needed, the Pediatric Sleep Center team closely collaborates with medical and surgical pediatric sub-specialists at the NewYork-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children's Health, one of the nation's top-ranked Children's Hospitals, providing multidisciplinary care tailored for each child.

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