Pediatric Diabetes Program 

Enroll Now for Fall 2015 Kids and Teens Weight Management Program!

Registration is now open for the new Healthy Kids and Teens Weight Management Program! Sessions start in September 2015 and are FREE for all patients of the Weill Cornell Pediatric Endocrinology practice. For more information, call 646-962-3442 or check back for the new schedule and registration information.

About Our Practice

Children and families deal with diabetes on a daily basis and need a supportive medical "home" with easily accessible leading-edge care. Our program offers:

  • An individualized management plan
  • One-stop access to over 90 pediatric board-certified medical and surgical subspecialists
  • Screening and management of complications of diabetes
  • Screening for development of diabetes for children at risk

Advanced Technology in Diagnosis and Care

Diabetes care has changed dramatically with the invention of precise glucose meters, insulin pump therapy, and continuous real-time glucose sensors. In-office measurement of hemoglobin A1C values allows rapid assessment of long-term diabetes control, while sparing young patients unnecessary blood draws. Our practice prides itself in using the latest technological advancements in diabetes care, including:

  • Pump and meter-specific download software to analyze insulin delivery
  • Continuous sensor-specific download software tools to analyze and interpret glucose sensor data
  • Assessment of data uploaded to online software databases provided prior to office visits
  • In-office HbA1C measurement using new technologies

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