Nutrition and Your Child 

Nutrition and exercise is important in the management of obesity and weight management. Together you and your child will meet individually with a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Our Registered Dietitian knows how sensitive weight issues can be amongst children and families. Our aim is to involve your child and help make recommendations that are realistic and effective in helping reach weight management goals. Recommendations for nutrition are individualized and aimed at understanding your child's basic lifestyle, food preferences and culture and any medical concerns.

The nutrition evaluation includes:

  • Computer analysis of current intake
  • Calorie and exercise guidelines to help your child achieve or maintain an ideal body weight
  • Develop strategies for healthy eating in real-world, everyday settings and healthy attitudes towards body image and food
  • Participation in our group sessions Healthy Attitudes: Nutrition, Growth, and Exercise Series This free group session series is designed for both parents and their children to address topics such as healthy cooking, developing meal plans, and exercise.

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