Pediatric Obesity Program

The Weill Cornell Pediatric Endocrine team uses various approaches to address the growing problem of obesity and its metabolic complications, including insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure, dyslipidemia, fatty liver, and the progression of insulin resistance to type 2 diabetes mellitus. Our efforts range from prevention and education, to understanding the causes and testing new medications.

Emphasizing prevention, we have launched the Kids and Teens Healthy Weight Program to encourage healthy lifestyles. The program features individual and group discussions on nutrition and physical activity through hands on activities and sessions with families.

In addition, we have been involved in community school-based research programs that focus on nutritional counseling and lifestyle modification. Our faculty is working closely with basic researchers at Weill Cornell with the hope of understanding the development of type II diabetes. We have tested promising new drugs on a select group of high risk patients.

Our program offers:

  • Individualized management plan
  • One-stop access to a team of over 90 pediatric board-certified medical and surgical subspecialists
  • Screening and management of complications of obesity
  • Screening for development of diabetes for children at risk
  • Bariatric surgery screening, counseling, and post-operative management of eligible candidates
  • Counseling and management of patients at risk for obesity and its cardiovascular complications. Examples include certain genetic syndromes such as Prader-Willi syndrome, patients on certain medications such as psychotropic medications or steroids, and children with orthopedic/rheumatologic conditions leading to arthritis and impaired physical activity.
Kids and Teens Healthy Weight Program - Fall 2015 Sessions

The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology has developed a free group program for eligible children and their families/caregivers. This interactive series, the Kids and Teens Healthy Weight Program, addresses topics such as healthy cooking, developing meal plans, and exercise.

Group sessions are designed for children to develop an understanding on the role of diet/ nutrition and exercise and how it plays a part in a healthy lifestyle. Children have fun learning the science of nutrition and exercise. Groups are are peer related and supportive. All sessions are free of charge to patients of the Pediatric Endocrinology practice. For information about the Fall 2015 sessions, Download the Kids and Teens Healthy Weight Program Fall-Winter 2015 Program Session Schedule [PDF] or call 646-962-3442.

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