The International Familial Childhood Leukemia Registry (IFCLR) 

Weill Cornell Medical Center is enrolling families with more than one member with a blood cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma in a study to identify the genetic and environmental factors associated with childhood leukemias and lymphomas.

The purpose of this study is to better understand the genetic causes of childhood leukemia, lymphoblastic lymphoma, and related diseases.

The study involves the review of medical records, completion of a questionnaire, and drawing of blood or a cheek swab. Families can enroll from anywhere in the world, or can come to our site in New York City.

Our goals are:

  • To facilitate basic scientific research on childhood leukemia
  • To collect and analyze clinical and genetic data on pediatric leukemia
  • To discover the genetic and environmental causes of childhood leukemia

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For general inquiries and to enroll in our Familial Leukemia registry, please contact:

The International Familial Childhood Leukemia Registry (IFCLR)
Phone: (212) 746-7664