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Both families and physicians may initiate the enrollment process. Physicians can obtain the protocol and consent forms by contacting the Registry by email or phone.

A New Scientific Study of the Causes of Familial Childhood Leukemia

  • The International Familial Childhood Leukemia Registry is conducting a major study of genetic inheritance and environmental exposures in Familial Childhood Leukemia patients and their families.
  • To collect a large group of subjects with familial leukemia, we ask that all familial childhood leukemia patients and their families consider participating.
  • In addition to giving families and caregivers as much information as possible, it is critical that we continue to collect information on Familial Childhood Leukemia. The Registry conducts this important research in its major study looking at genetic inheritance in familial leukemia patients and their families.

We collect three kinds of material on familial childhood leukemia patients and/or family members:

  • Clinical data on the events of a child's experience with leukemia and its treatment.
  • Environmental and other exposure data from a comprehensive questionnaire and other medical records.
  • Specimens for scientific investigation. The International Familial Childhood Leukemia Registry has established a biorepository of Blood/DNA/bone marrow for further study. We request blood samples or cheek swabs from patients or families for genetic analysis. We also collect bone marrow when available at the treating institution.

We encourage all physicians taking care of patients with a family history of childhood leukemia/lymphoma to consider participating in this important research effort.

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For general inquiries and to enroll in our Familial Leukemia registry, please contact:

The International Familial Childhood Leukemia Registry (IFCLR)
Phone: (212) 746-7664