TV and Telephone 

Telephone Service

Local Calls Local calls are free to the following area codes: 212, 201, 347, 516, 551, 631, 646, 718, 914, 917 and 973 and may be dialed directly from your child’s Hospital room.

Long Distance Calls Calls to area codes beyond those listed above are considered long distance. There is a small daily charge for long distance telephone service within the United States.

Television Service (212) 746-5083

The Komansky Center for Children’s Health provides complimentary television access at the bedside to enable pediatric patients to watch their favorite programs. Television programming includes all network and local stations, as well as the Disney Channel, Family Channel, Nickelodeon, and many others.

A VCR/DVD player is available at every bedside for family use. Please feel free to bring your child’s favorite videos from home. You may also request videos/DVDs from the Child Life specialist on your child’s unit. On 6 North, there is an open cabinet where your child may borrow a VCR tape at any time. These tapes must be returned to the Child Life specialists for cleaning after use.

If you have any difficulties with television service:
Within the Hospital, call 6-5083.
Outside the Hospital, call (212) 746-5083.

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