Amenities for Parents and Families 

Parent Accommodations

Parents are encouraged to stay with their children. Pullout beds are available on many patient floors.

Shower/Bathroom Facilities

Shower facilities are available for parents and family members. Patient floors will either have a shower in the room for parent use or a common shower facility. Common shower facilities are single bathroom/shower rooms and are available to everyone on the floor. Soap and towels are provided. Parents and families should feel free to take a shower at any time of day.


Laundry facilities are available 24 hours a day for parent and family use. The laundry room is located across from the family lounge in the Greenberg Pavilion, room 6-309. The cost is $1.00 per load, and only coins are accepted. Detergent and toiletries are also available in a vending machine located next to the washer and dryer.

Family Lounges

Family lounges are located on each unit. Our main family lounge, located in the Greenberg Pavilion, room 6-636, is the largest of the family lounges. This lounge includes a pantry with a microwave and vending machines for food, beverages, and snacks. The lounge provides a comfortable, welcoming space with tables and chairs for dining, a television set, magazines, and three computers with Internet access for use by families. The “Quiet Room,” located next to the family lounge in the Greenberg Pavilion, room 6-311, allows a NICU parent to stay overnight or to rest during the day.

Breastfeeding Room

Breastfeeding is encouraged at the Komansky Center. If you are unable to nurse your child at any time during your stay, breast pumps are available on patient care units. There is also a room located in the NICU (6 West, room 6-356) with multiple breast pumps and three private rooms in which you can pump. Breast pump kits and storage bags are also available in this room. Storage of breast milk is provided on each unit. Please make sure that the breast milk is labeled with your child’s name and medical record number, which can be found on your child’s ID band, or ask a nurse to help you. Ask your child’s nurse how your breast milk should be stored for your child’s future feedings.

If you need help or have questions about breastfeeding, you can arrange to see a lactation consultant by calling (212) 746-3295.

Telephone Service

Local Calls
Local calls are free to the following area codes: 212, 201, 347, 516, 551, 631, 646, 718, 914, 917, and 973 and may be dialed directly from your child’s Hospital room.

Long Distance Calls
Calls to area codes beyond those listed above are considered long distance. There is a small daily charge for long distance telephone service within the United States.

Television Service

The Komansky Center for Children’s Health provides complimentary television access at the bedside, enabling pediatric patients to watch their favorite programs. Television programming includes all network and local stations, as well as the Disney Channel, Family Channel, Nickelodeon, and many others.

A VCR/DVD player is available at every bedside for family use. Please feel free to bring your child’s favorite video from home. You may also request videos/DVDs from the Child Life Specialist on your child’s unit. On 6 North, there is an open cabinet where your child may borrow a DVD or VHS tape at any time. These tapes must be returned to a Child Life Specialist for cleaning after use. If you have any difficulties with television service, call (212) 746-5083.

Internet Access

Family members can use a personal laptop computer and most other mobile wireless devices in the Hospital. You can connect your computer or device to our Wireless Guest Network, which is designed for guests and patients at the Hospital, by selecting “guest-net” from the list of networks that appears when you click on the wireless icon. Launch your device’s web browser and it will automatically present a disclaimer page listing the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use for the Wireless Guest Network. You must select “I Agree” at the bottom of the page in order to use guest-net. Most web browsers are compatible with this process. Guest-Net Wi-Fi connection is an open and unencrypted wireless network with Internet-only access. No connectivity to the Hospital’s intranet resources is available.

Gift Shop

Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 am to 9 pm

The Gift Shop is located behind the Information Desk. It offers a wide selection of items, including flowers, toiletries, newspapers, magazines, cards, snacks, beverages, gifts, and Mylar balloons. You may call the Gift Shop to have deliveries made to your child’s room. In addition, breast pumps can be rented through the Gift Shop. Contact the gift shop at (212) 746-4230.

For the health and safety of our patients, latex balloons are prohibited in the Hospital. Mylar balloons and flowers (fresh cut, artificial, and dried arrangements) are prohibited in all intensive care units, recovery rooms, operating rooms, nurseries, the labor and delivery unit, and oncology and transplant units.


The stylist provides services in your child’s room. To make an appointment, you can call (917) 502-8942 or ask a member of the nursing staff to make arrangements for you. Payment is due at the time service is rendered.

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