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Having a Healthy Feast - with All the Trimmings

For children and teens with particular dietary requirements, the annual standard Thanksgiving dinner can be a challenge. Monitoring carbs and glucose levels, avoiding foods due to allergies, or maintaining a special diet for whatever reason may not be easy during the holidays. With a little planning and some creativity, however, Thanksgiving can be a healthy, delicious experience for everyone! The Komansky Center team shares some helpful links:


A Diabetes-Friendly Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving Plate (from the American Association of Diabetes Educators)

Diabetes and Thanksgiving (American Diabetes Association)

Fitting in Holiday Desserts - Tips from the American Diabetes Association


Turkey recipes and facts

Cranberry nutrition information

Sweet potato facts

Pumpkins Around the Holidays - Tips from the American Diabetes Association

Pumpkin nutrition from the University of Illinois

Allergies, Vegetarian Diets, and Other Special Dietary Needs

Kids With Food Allergies: Celebrate Thanksgiving!

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness: Tips for Your Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes

WebMD: A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Weight Maintenance/Exercise

Calories, Exercise and Thanksgiving

How Much Exercise

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